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Codex of good manners

Article 1
The Forum's member must be highly respected in its working and living surroundings.

Article 2
The Forum's member must always be tolerant and endeavor tolerance in a mutual communication.

Article 3
Members must accept modern civilized achievements and so act in compliance with them.

Article 4
Members must always be ready to help the others according to their capabilities.

Article 5
Members mustn’t be arrogant in their behaviors and communication.

Article 6
Members must act with good arguments concerning their opinions and attitudes.

Article 7
Members must be able to defend the Forum's level and their personal level too.

Article 8
The Forum gives a final decision as the majority votes are concerned but must fully respect the opinion of minority members.

Article 9
Communication between the Forum's members must be on a high civilized level e.g. (ladies and gentlemen, professor, dr., etc.)

Article 10
Any intolerance regardless on what bases (such as: national, religions, race, gender, regional or a local level is unacceptable for the Forum's members.