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Information about FAI

Forum of Albanian Intellectuals (FAI) is an association of accompanied citizens intellectuals of Albanian nationality in Republic of Croatia having in common the realization of mutual interests and promotion of the Albanian national minority according to Constitution law (the national minority rights).

Headquarter is in Zagreb:
Šubićeva 20
tel/fax:(385) 1 4655 336

A long-lasting wish to connect the intellectual subjects of Albanians in Republic of Croatia became true on 23 rd April 2005 in Zagreb when the first founder meeting of Forum Albanian of Intellectuals took place.
The founders are the citizens of Republic of Croatia of Albanian nationality who are involved in various spheres of society and very seriously and responsibly work in their professions so that they can contribute the high level of mutual living. By forming this Forum and by its registration as an association at Ministry of Justice and at other relevant States institutions the citizens of Republic of Croatia, especially Albanian national minority did not get only association in which they can preserve their ethnical, language and cultural signs of Albanian citizens in Republic of Croatia but they also achieved one institution which has its own tasks:

  • cultivate the language and letter of Albanian people
  • spreading the education and study in Albanian language for the Albanian minority in Republic of Croatia
  • the Albanian national minority takes part in civil life and management of local tasks through their representatives of national minority
  • associate with other national minority organizations in Republic of Croatia
  • cooperate with domestic and foreign sister-associations in the region
  • do some other tasks according to the Forum\'s Statute